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Equitas Capital Advisors
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Equitas Capital Advisors, LLC, in New Orleans, Louisiana, has provided clients with a variety of investment consulting services for more than 15 years. Powered by a consulting staff with 245 years of combined experience, Equitas Capital Advisors offers support in areas such as dynamic risk management and general fiduciary education.

Asset allocation and portfolio diversity are key components of an effective investment strategy. Diversification across multiple asset classes is a popular method of minimizing investment risk. However, maintaining capital and growth through economic downturns can be difficult regardless of how many classes are featured in a portfolio, as various markets can quickly dislocate and yield poor returns. In order to mitigate the likelihood of significant losses during the most challenging fiscal times, assets must be subjected to rigorous risk management processes.

Proprietary indicators rank among the driving forces behind a successful risk management strategy. These indicators are largely influenced by up to the minute trends in specific markets, as well as asset class momentum. More information about effective asset allocation and other risk management strategies can be found online at www.equitas-capital.com.


Certification Process for Certified Investment Management Analyst


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Certified Investment Management Analyst
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Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Equitas Capital Advisors functions as an investment consulting firm comprised of members with over 254 years of combined experience in the business. Incorporated in 2002, Equitas Capital Advisors strives to provide complete financial solutions to fulfill the needs of its investors. The company is led by Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) David Thomas, who serves in the capacity of CEO.

CIMA is an accredited investment credential offered by the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA) to investment consultants and wealth managers. Recognized by the American National Standards Institute, CIMA is one of the few financial sector certifications that meet the international standard for personnel certification. The CIMA designation ensures that certificate holders comply with the Code of Professional Responsibility, Standards of Practice, and Rules and Guidelines for Use of the Marks as set by IMCA. It also ensures that candidates meet the experience, ethical, education, and examination requirements.

The certification process requires CIMA candidates to submit an application and pass a background check. Also, they are required to study about 100 hours and pass a qualification examination. The candidates then need to complete an executive course from an IMCA-registered institution and again, clear a comprehensive certification exam. Ultimately, the candidates must submit work-experience-related documents and get through a second background check before being able to sign a license agreement. The entire certification process takes about nine to twelve months.

401(k) Plans Facing New Contribution Trend


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401(k) Plans
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Established in 2002 in New Orleans to guide investors along their unique financial journeys, Equitas Capital Advisors provides catered investment-management strategies rooted in proprietary research and industry-leading trends, utilizing its more than 245 combined years of consulting expertise in the field. Equitas Capital Advisors provides a host of financial-related services, including the development and management of 401(k) plans.

Over the decades since the establishment of 401(k)s in 1978, changes have taken place in the utilization of the plans and the groups most likely to contribute to them. The current year is showing a new trend in those engaging with the 401(k) services provided throughout the industry concerning savings rates and the number of contributions made. While it seems those nearing retirement age have limited savings in their plans, Millennials are making greater contributions toward their retirement savings. In comparison to the approximately 75 percent of pre-retirement baby boomers still making contributions, roughly 82 percent of Millennials are contributing to their 401(k)s.

New Equitas COO and Senior Management Consultant

Equitas Capital

Equitas Capital Advisors
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Based in the heart of New Orleans, Equitas Capital Advisors creates and manages tailored investment solutions, meeting the unique needs of individual and group investors throughout the United States. Equitas Capital Advisors recently announced the promotion of Brandon S. Grandbouche, QPFC, to the position of chief operating officer and senior investment management consultant with the firm.

Chief executive officer David S. Thomas, Sr., stated that Grandbouche, a 2001 graduate of Louisiana State University and New Orleans native, has extensive consultancy experience in the world of finance and economic management.

Prior to his work with Equitas Capital Advisors, Grandbouche handled multiple finance management tasks, including portfolio evaluations, consultations surrounding asset allocation changes and economic trends, asset management of pension and other long-term plans, and the curation and evaluation of related research.

Additionally, Grandbouche holds the professional industry designation of Qualified Plan Financial Consultant (QPFC), a recognition he received from the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA).