About Equitas Capital

Equitas Capital

An investment consultancy operating out of New Orleans, Louisiana, Equitas Capital Advisors, LLC, delivers professional-standard investment solutions to benefit its diverse clientele. The firm leverages resources akin to a large corporation but furnishes the kind of personalized service associated with boutique providers. Equitas Capital offers a wide range of investment solutions, including those related to dynamic risk management, alternative assets, and retirement vehicles.
Part of Equitas Capital’s success owes to its accomplished leadership. The company’s chief executive officer and senior investment management consultant, David S. Thomas Jr., brings to bear more than 35 years of investment consulting experience to support the firm. In fact, his financial views have been published by such industry outlets as Pension World and Forbes.

In recent years, Equitas earned accolades for its innovative investment products. For instance, in 2014, Wealth and Finance International honored the company’s Evergreen Fund with its Wealth and Finance Alternative Investment Award.

For more information concerning Equitas and its services, prospective clients can visit the firm’s webpage at equitas-capital.com.